Born into a family traditionally known for wood sculpture, Werner Thaler was just seven when he started learning the art. First, he learned and worked with his opa (grandfather), the Austrian Andreas Thaler, in the small rural town of Treze Tílias in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Later, he continued his studies at the Woodcarving School in Elbigenalp (Schnitzshulle Geisler-Moroder), in the state of Tyrol, Austria,  where he learned figural and ornamental sculpture in wood and stone, as well as clay modelling, bronze casting, artistic drawing and polychrome painting over wood.

Also in Austria, he practiced with the renowned sculptor master Rudolf Geisler-Moroder, who   founded and directed the best carving school in Austria during 33 years. With Moroder he worked on several wooden sculptures as well as in the restoration of antique sculptures. After concluding his studies, Werner returned  to Brazil and started his own studio and gallery. Since then, he has worked in several sculpting techniques with classical, sacred and contemporary artworks.

Among his works, we could focus on:

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